Jun 4, 2009

Tatoo Bound!

OK... I apologize yet again for lack of posts. It's the busy season and life just keeps getting complicated and I keep filling it up with other things to do than update my blog. So..apologies all the way around. Last weekend at ArtStar was amazing! The weather was perfect and the people were wonderful. I'm hoping to make it back up to Penns Landing this weekend for the Roots Picnic! I've been digging the road trips to Philly...great for clearing the head and listening to mucsic as loud as I want. Tomorrow is PJ Harvey at the Warner Theater and my first tatoo! I want to get my birdy on my shoulder to be with me for the rest of my life. I'm commerating the next half of my life with a brighter outlook. Not that my life hasn't been great...not seen through dark shaded glasses...I've just found myself as a grown up these days..dealing with life and not shoving my woos under the rug. Lots of yoga and friends and adventures! That is how life should be spent! So here is my design in progress...need to clean it up a bit. Any comment are greatly appreciated.

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