Jan 31, 2010

The Assemblages

I have been quite a busy gal and should really be in bed right now tending to this frog in my throat. But i realized i haven't posted and i really want to continue with my reflections of painting series. I've been working pretty hard on my brain and my thoughts and getting it all out visually and written....my journal has been getting almost daily recounts of my thoughts and visions. I like my way of working with my new piece,with my rules of loose and tight. And I keep thinking about adding the object soon. I added old paintings as objects but I think I really need to find the metaphorical object that speaks vulnerability. Here is a sweet series I did in around 1994-97. Fondly I got to revisit my Musical Chair piece that has unfortunately lost the groom, but I also think that that was also meant to be, be it the metaphorical object of that piece.

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