Jan 25, 2010


I am not a great photographer. I will admit it. I feel too shy to photograph people except my poor students. I had to take a photo class in order to get certified to teach and it really was one of the greatest classes I ever took at Towson. I found away to shy away from my shyness of photographing people and simply used myself as the model. It also motivated me to develop my film as soon as I could because I had no idea what my photo's really looked liked until then. I loved the timer and the tri-pod. I was living back home after my big year of poverty in the big shitty....and installation became my love of the basement. I transported my ankhs from 27th street and took over the massive space. My poor parents had no idea what was up with me. So here we are....sorry to not be writing enough these days...big paper work...taxes..divorce stuff and grades have taken over my life....but I am still secretly painting..even if its just in my head on some days.

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