Jan 19, 2010

1990...the David Salle period

I know I'm going backwards.....the period of my work that I am reflecting and writing about have no order or reason behind them except these are the works that I am currently thinking about. I have started to paint in my studio and with each brush stroke memories of frustration of getting the consistency of paint right on the smooth canvas....if I can get that one right. We take steps backward when we don't paint. So I"m thinking about 1990 and me living on Baltimore Street in the Artist Housing. It is the last year of my being single before marriage number 1. I have nothing but gray outside my windows. Abandoned store fronts...in fact the old Turkish baths were across the street from my painting/living studio. I was taking a life drawing class at night at MICA with Rex Stevens and I was ready to mixed them into my paintings. The definition were fading away and the image vocabulary was developing. My favorite artist at that time was David Salle. He had been for a while after a hate at first site!But I could not turn away and really became intrigued by the juxtapositions of the everyday with emotional as well as the random.

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