Jan 17, 2010

Day 1 in the Painting Studio

Wow what a day...its currently 7:54 and I started around 11 this morning, taking a break to go out for brunch...plus some other house hold duties...so lets minus a good hour and a half not working in my studio today! Not bad. My walls were bare this morning and now I have 5 shape paintings started. I've decided to work on the theme of loose and tight....for each loose procedure there will be a controlled tight procedure. So one, cut out random shapes : loose; two, press edges and sew: tight; stretch and gesso...simply a needed procedure so this doesn't count; project pattern: tight, paint it loosely....that was today. I'm working on an entire series that addresses vulnerability with these shape paintings. I wanted to get away form the ordinary, away form the square or rectangle. I wanted to incorporate sewing in what ever form I could. I see sewing back in to these at some stage. The pattern is simply to get me use to painting again. I have to go to Utrecht tomorrow for new brushes and stand oil for my medium concoctions. It feels so good to be here in this place. Above our pics in order including my idea sketches of water towers that will be my main character as I speak about vulnerability.

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