Jul 23, 2010

diy is soooo punk rock!

I went to see Jenny Hart speak at the Summit of Awesome last year in Washington DC and she had this wonderful connection of punk rock to the diy movement and I had this great aha moment! I knew I liked aspects of this movement for a reason. Being a punk rocker myself from the early 80's I felt that I was an intricate part of the movement here in Baltimore. Not that I played but I truly supported the scene. Helped Strazz with sound, watch fear of god practiced , picked up Danny and took him to reptile House practice, let the girls from Scab try to pick me up, hid Ethan in Jules loft from the police, Made the kiddies come into the show before the "yo boys" came to get um, rode the infamous bus trip to NYC to CBGB's , made tons of flyers for van Gogh's ear and Gray march, and saw just about every punk rock show in the Baltimore DC area from 1982 to 1987, and then some. What I loved about the movement, was the fact that we had to do it ourselves. We had no one to rely on that we could trust. We wanted to see this "forbidden" music of the time and we wanted to see it our way...and we did! And this diy craft movement has elements of that that I really love. Course now its getting over saturated and now even art institutions are beginning graduated studies in this movement....which I think will ruin the whole thing! But I guess like all things, it must progress.
This video is London May. The first drummer of Reptile House. He moved on, but kept on playing, and progressing! I'm quite proud of him. I think he is saying much about where we came from and where we're going ....another little connection to this life I lead.

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