Jul 16, 2010

Artscape starts today!!!!

Ahhh, the weather is doings its usually Artscape weekend routine with majorly hot hot weather. Tomorrow we may have some sprinkles to cool us down but also make us feel like we're living in jungle weather! That means's lots of cool dresses and seeing some body parts we really shouldn't have to see! All my items are packed and ready to be loaded in the truck and I could have slept another hour but my body is excited for the weekend and has me up. Woke up to discover I slept through my first earthquake!!!!3.6, outside of Rockville. Love finding out news by reading facebook and twitter statuses. Anyway, I get to set up for Artscape then have to go back to my last day of camp and then back to the festival for the rest of the day and night. This summer has been non-stop. I need a vacation from my vacation! The camera bags above are my newest creations for this weekend. Hope to see them all disappear this weekend into the hands of excited customers!

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