Jul 10, 2010

Sondheim Artscape Prize: 2010 Finalists

I took my drawing portfolio students to the BMA yesterday and we spent a long time in the Sondheim Artscape Finalist show. I asked them to pick who they wanted to win. I was happy to see such interest in contemporary art with these high school kids. It probably helped that everyday we viewed a new contemporary artist through the Art 21 series. Anyway, I recommend that everyone go see this amazing show. You will notice more video, interactive and sculptural pieces than paintings. And for a painter, who's always jokes about my favorite painting teacher, Joyce Stillman Myers' definition of a sculpture being something you back into when you're looking at a painting, I have become more of a sculptor, installation artist and appreciator.
I loved Nate Larson's twitter geo-scape quotation photographs. But got was absolutely blown away by Matt Janson's sculptures. Their beautiful three dimensional paintings that oozed of cake icing appeal and reminded me of my favorite 40's aesthetic.

Many of the pieces that Janson creates express a tension between lightheartedness and danger. His work frequently incorporates mirror fragments, which have a sparkly quality that appeals to viewers, while the mirrors' sharp edges warn them to keep away.

Other artworks have a thick, gooey texture that simultaneously brings to mind frosting and viscera.

Tonight they announce the winner at a special reception at 7 tonight. The show will be up until August 1...and its FREE!! with great air conditioning. So, no excuses! Oh yeah, my students pick a variety of these superior artists, but Janson got the most votes.

photo from BMA Flicker page

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