Aug 20, 2012

First Day Back At School and I already miss my summer vacation!

Today was it, August 20,2012. First day back at school for us teachers on my 25th. year of teaching. It was a pretty typical day back with the morning meeting that challenged your attention span. The introduction of new baby teachers and new protocol. I had a bit of a calm all day. Maybe because of my dream I shouldn't mentioned that I had last night of showing up to our faculty meeting unprepared and drunk to the wind! Nor the excuse of leaving the meeting to sit in the bathroom for 2 hours to find items to clog up the toilet that lead to a disgusting run over of all kinds of shite!This still is the dream. This stress dream before school started is much different than the others that I have had previously of waking up, realizing school started two hours earlier than it was, or the given a floor in a parking garage to teach a class of 100! , or the one about not being able to find my car while running late to school dream. No this one was different. Because I really didn't give a crap in this dream! Course I know I was really influenced by the fact that I watch Withnail & I last night. Had to be the drunken theme of this dream! Or maybe cause at year 25 you get to start to relax a bit about your job. You know what you are doing and you know you won't settle for lame teaching in yourself or in your department. Oh well, it is what it is...Stay Calm and Carry on...the mantra for the year! And to end this lovely passage I will conclude with some of my favorite pictures of my summer vacation trip to the beach, spent with my lovely Mr. Kidner and my family! Good times had by all. 

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