Aug 19, 2012

“I am a lucky kid!”

For the past two Saturday nights, my Ashley and I have been going out to the woods, to the gunpowder river and find peace. We arrive with our picnic dinner or evening snacks, fishing rod (for Ashley), paintbrushes and a new field watercolor set and pads for me. We get there around 6ish in the evening and we stay till it gets dark. We find a good rock that sits out on the water and commence with our favorite activities that may even just be, doing nothing! I think about my Dad and how he took us fishing as kids, camping and canoeing. We spent our favorite memories over the river and through the woods. We are armed with our mosquito repellent and headlamps. 

   I think about my two summer at Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center, being an adventure Camp director and the nights spent taking scared adolescents through the woods at night for games of camouflage, running to get out of a thunderstorm or simple going for night hikes without our trusty headlamps. These were fun times that are still fun times to have.  Last night the one sentence that came to me head that made we smile was this: “I am a lucky kid!” yes I am, even at the age of 49! I truly am. So, if you don’t know where my man and I  may be on a Saturday night, well, we aren’t gonna tell you. It’s our secret hiding place! 

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